About Alex

My name is Alex Kosmach, I’m 20-something years old, and I really don’t want to have to update my age on “about me” pages for an entire decade. I was born and raised in the suburbs of the Las Vegas Valley.

Writing is the one thing I’ve done throughout my entire life and have never been fundamentally insulted about. I consider that isolated skill to be a great personal asset – and I plan on ruining my un-criticized streak as quickly as possible by producing content on the internet.

Nine to five, I’m an online content writer at OutletPC.com, which is a computer parts and retail website. I enjoy it if for no other reason than I get to look at cool tech products all day and then write summaries of them. It’s also fun learning things like SEO, code, and other stuff that’s necessary to run a decent website. On top of being a content writer, I’m also the chief of the company’s blog. I write there about once or twice a week.

I’ve ruined any chance of having true, useful free time by taking on another position writing about sports and entertainment at the Las Vegas Informer. So far I’ve covered a minor-league baseball beat, interviewed big-league coaches like Ron Washington and Mike Maddux and big-league ballplayers like Josh Hamilton and Reed Johnson, covered and photographed at Warped Tour, and spent a lot of time covering the growth and evolution of Downtown Las Vegas.

In my actual but limited free time, I spend lots of time with my girlfriend Becky and my family. I enjoy reading, listening to music, cooking and photography. I’m a huge fan of Star Wars, Batman lore, and the Chicago Cubs.


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